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my poetry

Loved by an Artist

Just broke away from my grayscale world

Planned my escape based on promises

Of a better, brighter life

Feeling clumsy

A little lost

Setting up house

Cautiously, I paint by numbers


And then she appeared

Sent from the heavens

And with her vibrant approach

Her mind’s eye commanding her brush

She created a world

So exquisite, so delicious

And she offered it to me

To share it with me


How do I describe

Our God-kissed new home?

Are there words enough

To describe a sunset

To the man who lives in darkness?

How do you explain

The depth of the ocean

To a desert dweller?

How do I tell you

How Denise loves me?

Nobody knows but me!



I get distracted by what I don't know
Instead of focusing on what I do know
I only fear what I don't know
and when I am in fear
That's when defenses build
Like walls
Useless walls
I don't need a defense
I only need to refocus
To focus on what I do know
And I know
For sure
That We are meant to Be
Now and Forever
This I know for sure
This is all I need to know
And as my focus changes
My vibration changes
And so my world changes
And I know more
I know You
And I know Us
And I fear less
And there is nothing between us
No fear
No walls
We are bound
In Love and in Faith
And this is where I belong
Forever and again
What I Know For Sure
You and I belong together
No matter what we do
No matter where we go
We are meant to do them,
To go there
No matter what the Universe
Lays at our doorstep
It will be Our doorstep
and we will respond
Together Forever
This I know for sure
I am so blessed
To have found you now
To have you in my life
The rest of this lifetime and
I am so blessed
With this second chance
With this open heart
That knew
We belong together
Now and Forever
I am truly Blessed
This I know for sure

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